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Backgammon is known for being the oldest board game in the world. It probably originates from the Persian Empire. The game used to be played by kings and other highly placed people.

The doubling cube was invented somewhere in the 1920's to make the game more attractive and to improve the element of skill. Some other modifications were made until 1931, when people in the United States set the rules as we know them now. By then, the game was still limited to the upper class.

The popularity of backgammon began to rise during the 1960's. This was partly because of Prince Alexis Obelensky who started organising world championships in the Bahamas.
The 1970's are still described as the best days of backgammon. This was the time the game moved from the upper to the middle class and even the young generation started playing backgammon. The tournaments were very well visited what resulted in prize pools of hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was popular in the United States as well as Europe.
During the 1980's backgammon suffered a declining popularity, probably because of the rise of video games.
The computer started to discover backgammon in the 1990's. This was the time of the first artificial opponents like Snowie. These programs made it a lot easier to develop new backgammon strategies and concepts. Thanks to the computer calculations it became a lot easier to choose the best possible move for a certain situation in the game.
The new millennium gave rise to the online backgammon servers. Thanks to these servers, backgammon lovers can now play anytime against anybody in the world.
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